This is a small thing I have bashed together to generate random potions with descriptions.
It includes the potion types in the Earthdawn book, and you can add potion types directly. Use it to instantly generate random treasure, or to determine what potions are for sale in a town or shop. It is based on the potion flavor generation method used in Jamis Buck's Treasure Generator (2,01) for D&D3.

And this a diceroller for Earthdawn
With it, you can roll the bones as many times as you like, for steps up to 100, and have the results sorted if you want. It's fairly fast, and it gives you the mean value when you sort them.

There is no installer for either of these. Just unzip the files in a directory and run ..

This software is released as Postcard Ware - It is free of charge, but if you like it, send me a postcard from your home.