This software is released as Postcard Ware.

- It is free of charge, but if you use it and like it,
please send a postcard from your home to the following address:

Lars Gottlieb
Svanholm Alle 8
4050 Skibby

Note that the address that's in the program is more than 10 years out of date.
I no longer have access to the compiler used to make it - I can't update it.

Download Installer
Windows up to vista
Download simple .zip
Windows 7 and above

Update 2012
Unfortunately, my ancient installer doesn't work with modern systems. I've repackaged the program files in a simple zip for now. Just unzip in a folder somewhere, and run.

System Requirements:
Windows, 95 or newer. People have been known to be able to run it in Linux, using Wine and in OSX using Crossover.
Screen resolution 800x600 or better. To use the Creature Creator and a few advanced features, you need 1024x768 minimum.
I recommend a cpu clock of 400MHz or faster, but it works, a bit slow, on a 133MHz portable.

Note to advanced users:
If you have changed anything with the Table Editor or manually edited the data files, you should make sure you back up the data files before installing this update, as the installer will overwrite the existing files.

You might have trouble loading files made with custom stuff. If you do, please send me the character file and the backup datafiles.